Junior project manager training

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09/05/2022 - 10/06/2022

Focus group

The training is aimed primarily for project managers managing a project at the moment who are at the beginning of their task or who have some experience of project management.


Training focuses on research project’s and project team’s management. A task is completed in pairs / small groups that is related to the development of the project activities in one’s own research institute or to the development of the combined good practices in different research institutes. The training takes four days and is held in two two-day sessions (2+2 days).

Training place


More information

Trainers: Sari Arolinna, Ramboll Finland Oy and Riitta Tihinen, HAUS
Tulanet contact person: Anna Tolonen, GTK anna-leena.tolonen@gtk.fi


Registration by April 25, 2022 here