New chairperson of Tulanet is Leif Schulman

Tulanet, a cooperation body of Finnish research institutes, is closely involved in implementing the roadmap for Finnish research, development, and innovation (RDI) and leveraging private and European Union funding. Through their close cooperation, government research institutes strengthen the effectiveness of research in society. This year, Tulanet’s new chairperson is Leif Schulman, Director General of the Finnish Environment Institute.

Chairperson of Tulanet Leif Schulman. Foto: Kai Widell.

“We are delighted in research institutes that there is now a common will in Finland to increase research funding. The core question is where the additional funding comes from. Resolving this is a key issue for Tulanet in order to continue high-quality RDI activities,” says Leif Schulman.

The parliamentary RDI group is proposing a funding law to increase research funding. Leif Schulman believes that it is important to consider the possibility for research institutes to leverage private and international funding into the field of RDI in Finland.

“We research institutes are at the crossroads between basic research and innovation, close to business and societal decision-making. We have an excellent understanding of the innovation chain and the opportunity to involve companies in research,” says Leif Schulman.

Some research institutes promote the commercialisation of research, some affect the regulatory environment and thus the operating conditions of companies.

“Research institutes are strategically managed organisations. They are able to focus their research in a more agile way on issues relevant to society than those who emphasise researcher-driven basic research. The institutes’ extensive domestic and foreign networks also involve companies in EU research projects,” adds Leif Schulman.

Tulanet emphasises sharing, mobility and information exchange

This year, Tulanet facilities will intensify internal cooperation to increase our influence. The Roadmap for Research, Development and Innovation also guides this.

”Tulanet aims to promote the sharing of research infrastructures and the mobility of researchers in 2022. The effectiveness of work will also be increased by enhancing internal cooperation and making the benefits of it visible,” says Schulman.

The years of the coronavirus pandemic have strengthened the position of researched information both globally and in Finland. Government research institutes have a unique and wide-ranging role in the value chain of producing and applying information.


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Leif Schulman,
Chairperson of Tulanet, Director General of SYKE
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Executive Director of Tulanet
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